New Zealand owned and operated, NZ Travel Brokers is an independent travel company that provides an expert travel advisory and booking service.

Co-founded by Guy Flynn and the late Steve Lee, NZ Travel Brokers offer a team of professional Travel Brokers located throughout the country that are available to manage your next business, holiday, group or special interest travel requirement. Our point of difference being we predominately contract passionate travel experts who are mobile and work from home. This provides flexibility for them to arrange your travel in the hours and place of your choice. Our team of Travel Brokers work as independent business owners, therefore placing customer retention through superior service and satisfaction as paramount.

As a company, we provide our team with optimum support and protection. Our Brokers have a dedicated internal support team, access to the best available prices and are bonded by the Travel Agents Association of New Zealand.

Our vision and values centre around supporting a skilled and experienced team of Travel Brokers based throughout New Zealand.

Our Vision

“To be the recognised leader and preferred partner for Travel Brokers in NZ”

Our Values

Team Work
Cultivate and maintain a spirit of involvement, co-operation and empowerment

Give our all, consistently and enthusiastically, demonstrating total commitment

Strive to be the best by focusing on continuous improvement and benchmarking against best industry standards

Broker Focus
Care, understand and respond to Brokers needs, adopt a partnership approach in order to consistently exceed their expectations

Be consistent, dependable, transparent, ethical, open and fair in everything we do