We invite you to talk to any of our brokers to take advantage of the first-hand knowledge they can offer in respect to becoming a broker with NZ Travel Brokers.

Some references are noted below but feel free to call any of our brokers throughout New Zealand as they will be only too willing to chat to you.

Further contacts for all of our brokers can be found on Find a Broker.

Amy Turuta

Travel Broker | Rotorua

“Becoming a travel broker with NZTB was the best thing I could have done for myself and my family.  My kids have sport 7 days a week so having the flexibility to get them to trainings and games is perfect – it just wouldn’t be an option for them if I was working in an agency.  I also love having such an amazing support team available so even though I am sitting in my home office on my own, I know that answers to any queries are just a phone call or email away.

The added bonus is that the earning potential is much greater than what I could have ever earned working for someone else.”

Contact: amy.turuta@nztravelbrokers.co.nz or +64 21 212 1002

Angela Lester

Travel Broker | Auckland

“I started Broking in 2001 for another company then made the very smart & wise move to NZ Travel Brokers in 2014 and have never looked back – the best decision ever! I absolutely love the flexibility of working for myself from my home office – my business can be as successful as I want it to be – the more effort & dedication you put in the more rewards you reap.

Steve & Guy run a hugely successful business with an amazing support office team who are always prompt with a response & are extremely helpful when the need arises.”

Contact: angela.lester@nztravelbrokers.co.nz or +64 274 531 630

Katrina Harding

Travel Broker | Lower Hutt

“I needed convincing that brokering was a good idea – I couldn’t see why people would book with me and not go to a shop down the road. But by offering great customer service and building personal relationships with my clients I have grown a substantial business. The backup and support from NZTB have been amazing and gave me confidence that I could succeed. The team environment and family feel of NZTB adds to a sense of belonging even though we mostly work from home, alone. I’m a bit of a traveller myself, so being able to work from anywhere (think Great Wall in China, Taj Mahal in India etc) has meant that I can see the world and still run my business. Best move I ever made – my life is so much ‘more’ now than I could have ever imagined.”

Contact: katrina.harding@nztravelbrokers.co.nz or +64 27 466 3900

Kim Payne

Travel Broker | Auckland

“After 6 years working for myself and selling travel elsewhere, I definitely needed to make a change and I have absolutely no regrets. Guy and Steve have made the transition extremely easy.

I love that I have so much more product to sell and I have support from a highly responsive management. I also have clauses in my agreement to make me feel protected in the ‘self-employment environment’ after Covid appeared.

I love the marketing that is done for us and we have a choice if it’s sent or not and if we want anything added. The best thing, the marketing has MY NAME on it. Thank you NZTB. So far, the move has been fabulous.”

Contact: kim.payne@nztravelbrokers.co.nz or +64 21 389 681

Michele Cadman

Travel Broker | Auckland

“NZ Travel Brokers has been specifically designed with the independent, home-based travel professional in mind. This doesn’t mean you’re alone, one of the key benefits with NZTB is how supported you are despite working remotely.  We enjoy the same benefits as working in a retail office in terms of purchasing agreements which allows us to remain competitive whilst giving exceptional service and being able to handpick our clients whilst also handpicking the suppliers and travel wholesalers based on who we, personally, prefer to work with.  Broking since 2011 has allowed me to spend precious time with my 2 girls whilst helping to pay the bills and doing what I love. My girls are now grown up and I love hearing them say ‘when I have kids I will work from home’ – they have both chosen their careers with this in mind which 100% speaks for itself.  Brokering works perfectly as it allows for work to fit around life rather than life fitting around work commitments.”

Contact: michele.cadman@nztravelbrokers.co.nz or +64 22 536 6310

Michelle Kean

Travel Broker | Auckland

“After years working in a travel agency environment, I made the move to being a Travel Broker and have not looked back. I love the flexibility being a Travel Broker offers and working from home fits my lifestyle. I love that NZ Travel Brokers is NZ-owned and operated and their business values match my own.  Our back-office support team is second to none which means I can dedicate my time to my clients and growing my business.

Steve and Guy take the time to know you as a broker and check in on you which is really appreciated and makes you feel like more than just a number.  The Brokers within our group are like-minded, supportive, and helpful, often sharing valuable knowledge within the group. During COVID was not a great time to be in Travel but at NZ Travel Brokers, we always felt well informed and supported.  If anything, COVID has shown that the Travel Broker ‘work from home model’ is the way forward and for me, there would be no other place I would rather be than with NZ Travel Brokers.”

Contact: michelle.kean@airnzbrokers.co.nz or +64 021 713 558

Philip Webb

Travel Broker | Auckland

“After many years in the corporate working jungle, the opportunity to go out on my own as a Travel Broker back in 2010 was a risky but worthwhile one.

Joining NZ Travel Brokers turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made. I have the flexibility of setting my own working hours whilst still providing top-level service to my clients and achieving a work/life balance.

The support from Guy and Steve and their team is the icing on the cake “

Contact: philip.webb@nztravelbrokers.co.nz or +64 21 855 960

Tracey Dench

Travel Broker | Palmerston North

“I love working from home and the flexibility that comes with it. I have brokered for NZ Travel Brokers since they started back in Oct 2007 when there was only a handful of us and have watched it grow to a large successful company. I had previously brokered for two other companies prior to this but broking wasn’t their main focus so I think it is really important to work for a Broker company that is solely focused on brokering.

We have so many experienced brokers who work for us now and there is usually someone who has had a similar query and we help each other out. So although you are working from home, you are not alone. The support team is excellent and Steve and Guy are very approachable. Our team of brokers are just like family.“

Contact: tracey.dench@nztravelbrokers.co.nz or +64 21 744 186

Vanessa Carmichael

Travel Broker | Nelson

“Being a broker has given me lots of opportunities that working in an ‘office’ wouldn’t have allowed.   With having a young family the flexibility that comes with brokering is fantastic allowing time to attend school events or even just allowing the children to be involved in after-school sports that I can take them to. The support office is fabulous.   From the financial processes, IT support, newsletters, and just being available when we need them – I can’t speak highly enough of the team. Steve and Guy know all the brokers which instantly made me feel welcome, supported, and part of a family environment – They care!”

Contact: Vanessa.Carmichael@airnzbrokers.co.nz or +64 27 551 0286

Vicki Reardon

Travel Broker | Taupo

“The Broker business created by Steve and Guy is simply the best. I joined NZTB in 2017 and have never looked back.

They are a fantastic company with their business model being 100% broking they offer true value and transparency and the vibe and feel of a large family with great support when needed.

The flexibility of broking and being able to work where and when I choose has created a fantastic lifestyle balance for me that is also highly remunerated.”

Contact: vicki.reardon@nztravelbrokers.co.nz or +64 27 544 2715