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What I can help you do before you go

Valid Passport

Check that you have a valid passport.  Many countries require a passport to be valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of entry to the country.  Take a copy of your passport with you (separate from where you keep your passport) and leave a copy with NZ Travel Brokers.

International Airline Ticket(s)

All tickets are now electronic and will form part of your itinerary.

Prepaid Airport Departure Tax

Whilst most taxes are included on your ticket, some airport departure points require the purchase of a departure tax.

Entry Visa/NZ Re-Entry Requirements

You may need a visa or entry authority to enter or transit some countries. You should make enquiries about this, well before your planned departure.  If you are not holding a NZ passport you may also require a NZ re-entry visa.  NZ Travel Brokers will be able to assist you with this advice.

Foreign Exchange and Cash Passport/Credit Card.

Check what credit cards and currency is recommended and whether ATM facilities are readily available in the countries you are visiting.  Have some cash already exchanged, for your transit and arrival.

Travel Insurance

Do not leave NZ without comprehensive travel and medical insurance – treatment of a minor injury or hospital admission can be very expensive in some countries.  Ask NZ Travel Brokers for options.  If you wish to take advantage of free travel Insurance via your credit card, please ensure you fulfill all the necessary criteria and that the cover is a full and comprehensive one.  Make sure it covers the activities you will be undertaking and any pre-existing medical conditions.

Itinerary/Hotel and Tour Vouchers

Give a detailed copy of your itinerary, including accommodation details to a relative or friend so they are able to get in touch with you if necessary.  Make copies of other important documents such as your birth certificate, credit cards and driver’s licence, both to take with you and leave at home with a trusted friend or family member.

Frequent Flyer Membership(s)

We will advise the airline of your Frequent Flyer details.  If you are not already a member we can assist you to join.

Seat Requests

Many airlines allow pre-seating. Let us know your preference and we will request your preferred seats.

Special Meals

If you have a special meal request e.g. Vegetarian let me know and I will request on your behalf.


About 6-8 weeks before you plan to travel check with us and/or your doctor to see if vaccinations or immunizations are required for areas you are travelling to.  Take the vaccination certificate with you.

Travel Advisories for your Destination Country(s)

Check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel advice for countries you plan to visit –

National Holidays

Check if there are any national holidays or events in the countries and cities you are travelling to that might affect your plans.

Duty-Free Shopping

If you would like to pre-order your duty-free shopping, we can arrange discounts should you wish to.