In Spain, they believe that life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest, whether that be by dancing to flamenco guitar until sunrise, hiking along the dazzlingly green northern coast or sharing a rousing conversation over arguably the world’s best food and wine. A country so geographically diverse that it will surprise you. From architecture in Barcelona and music in Andalusia, to food in the Basque country and the art in Madrid, Spain is bursting with opportunities and experiences. I would love to connect you to some unique experiences and share the contagious zest for life of the Spanish people.

Explore the rich history, scenery and gastronomy of Spain by travelling on one of the world’s most exclusive trains used by royalty in the 1930s.

Visit the elegant coastal town of San Sebastian – a mecca for foodies and celebrating a number of Michelin-starred restaurants. A town of about 200,000 inhabitants, it has a lot to offer. San Sebastian area also boasts some of the best surf in Europe – and you can leave your board at home because you can hire everything you need along the beachfront.

How about visiting a small city, literally built into the side of a mountain – Sentenil de las Bodegas in Andalusia. Built along a river gorge, this small town makes a big impact with its houses built into the stone walls of the gorge and a castle that dates back to the 12th century, this little village is sure to intrigue you. Not to forget it being also being famous for its meats and pastries so you won’t go hungry as you explore the winding streets.

Whether it be any of the above or a Tennis Masterclass with a world champion, driving a luxury car, or an after-hours privately guided art tour, a visit to a Sturgeon Farm or a cheese-making experience in the Crestellina Mountains…I can make it happen.