The Amalfi Coast – a glittering jewel that juts out into the Mediterranean. It’s fabled cliffs, jaw-dropping views and heart-stopping drives are just a few of the coast’s character. The rollicking ride that takes you along the coast begins in Sorrento, winds along the insanely steep hillside high above the sea, twists along to towns like Ravello, Positano and Amalfi itself, before ending with a sigh at the seaport of Salerno. The Amalfi Coast is one of the most dramatic destinations in Italy. It’s beauty is worth the effort to get there.

The colours are intense on the Amalfi Coast: villages in shades of pastel line up along the coast with green hills sprinkled with bright lemon trees, overlooked by turquoise skies dotted with white clouds, and finally the sapphire coloured seas. Sheer natural beauty of tucked away bays, deep gorges and sandy beaches.

Life is lived at a leisurely pace with artisans still carrying on their crafts such as handmade paper, colourful ceramic food specialities, lemon liqueurs and more. The people of the coast have a long affinity for their seafaring ways and fishing remains to this day, an active industry. Ferries transport you to the towns up and down the coast and if you wish, out to Capri. All this and sun, sea spray and crystal seas – it’s an Amalfi tradition.

The cuisine, oh the cuisine. Fresh seafood caught daily, regional traditional recipes that are simple but flavourful, homemade pastas, fresh produce and of course, gelato – it’s all here. All fresh and bursting with flavour.

Just outside Amalfi proper (providing a great vista of the town), the hotel image displayed, Santa Caterina, takes full advantage of its hillside location. There are vast, terraced gardens and orchards overlooking the sea, and down by the water is a stunning seawater-pool area, complete with an idyllic thatched-roof, open-air caffè. Two lifts cut into the rock, lead directly to the private beach and sea water.

If this one example of the many glittering jewels that cling to the Italian coastline is something that is on your travel radar, like all other destinations, I can create experiences for you that will reach outside of all traditional tourist circuits. I can customise a truly personal travel experience that you will not find on Google and may never create on your own. Whether it be food, art, automotive or purely cultural I have travel partners to make it happen.